• American Express “PIVOT” 
    Digital Imaging Technician
    Radical Media

  • Foot Locker, “CHINA” 
    Digital Imaging Technician
    O Positive. LLC. BBDO, New York

  • Adidas. 
    Digital Imaging Technician
    CAVIAR. Adidas Germany. Johannes Leonardo.

    Digital Imaging Technician
    Exposure Pictures. Partners & Spade.

  • CHRYSLER motors
    Digital Imaging Technician
    RESET. Weiden + Kennedy.

    Digital Imaging Technician

  • GOOGLE “Road Trip”, 
    Digital Imaging Technician
    GOOGLE. Smuggler. 72 and Sunny.

  • CPStriver. 
    Digital Imaging Technician
    PGA TOUR Entertainment.
    OgilvyOne Worldwide Atlanta.

  • Lucky Life “Celebrate”, Oregon Lottery.
    Digital Imaging Technician 
    REX Production. Post Knowledge Leader.

    FORD FUSION “ENERGI” commercials. 
    Digital Imaging Technician 
    Ghost Robot.  Dir: Ben Dickinson

    Digital Imaging Technician
    Transistor Studios.  Agency: Cramer-Krasselt / Chicago

    Digital Imaging Technician
    Ghost Robot.  Dir: Ben Dickinson.  DP: Adam Newport-Berra

    ACUVUE “1 Day” commercials. 
    Digital Imaging Technician 
    Dir: Nicolas Iyer.  DP: Morgan Susser.  Producer: Tova Dann. 
    Agency: J3.  JG New Media & Marketing.

    LENOVO THINKPAD commercials.  
    Digital Imaging Technician 
    Agency: SAACHI & SAACHI. 
    Limey Productions.  Dir: Scott Weintrob.  DP: Morgan Susser.

    JENNY CRAIG commercials  
    Digital Imaging Technician
    DIR: Jason Alexander.  DP: Brian Reynolds


  • WHITNEY, Biopic on Whitney Houston (TV Movie).   Digital Imaging Technician  Directed by Angela Bassett. Lifetime Television

  • MARRIED (TV Series)  Digital Imaging Technician Minim Productions, Inc.  Dir: Andrew Gurland

  • PETALS IN THE WIND (TV Movie). Digital Imaging Technician, and Jib Camera Operator Lifetime Television

  • A DOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS. (TV Movie) Digital Imaging Technician, and 2nd unit Cinematographer. Dolly Parton.  Silver Screen Pictures, Inc. Lifetime Television.

  • THE LETTERS. A feature film about Mother Teresa.   Camera Operator:  Jib camera.  Writer/Executive Producer/Director: William C. Riead.   DP: Jack Green. Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Rutger Hauer, Max von Sydow.   Cinema West Films.

  • INDWELLING, THE SAINT SEASON ONE. (TV Movie).  Digital Imaging Technician. I did on-set color correction with Truelight and additional cinematography. Dir:  Simon West.  EP: Brad Krevoy.  MPCA Television.  Silver Screen Pictures Inc.  Starring Adam Rayner and Eliza Dushku.

  • JUSTIFIED. (TV series) Digital Imaging Technician DP: Francis Kenny

  • JODI ARIAS. (TV Movie) Technical support, post-production. 
    Setup and maintenance of four Avid edit rooms. 
    Silver Screen Pictures, Inc. Lifetime Television.

  • LA DOLCE VITA, biopic on Liz Taylor &  Richard Burton (TV Movie).   Digital Imaging Technician, and 2nd unit camera operator.   Starring Lindsay Lohan. EP Larry A. Thompson. Dir: Lloyd Kramer.  DP:  Paula Huidobro.  Cast: Anouk Aimee, Marcello Mastroianni, David Hunt, Theresa Russell . Lifetime Television.

  • WHEN CALLS THE HEART. (TV series). Camera operator.
    EP/Dir:  Michael Landon Jr.   DP: Cristo Bakalov.  Frontier Production limited.

    TALLHOTBLONDE. (TV Movie).  Digital Imaging Technician and 2nd unit Cinematographer.
    Dir: Courteney Cox.  EP: Brad Krevoy.  Prod: Lina Wong, Kyle Clark.   Starring Garret Dillahunt and Laura San Giacomo.  Silver Screen Alta Productions, Inc.

    MEDDLING MOM  (TV Movie),  Digital Imaging Technician and 2nd unit Cinematographer:.  
    FKPS Company, EP: Frank Konigsberg.  Dir: Patricia Cardoso.  DP: Jens Piotrowski.  Starring Sonia Braga. Silver Screen Pictures Inc.  Hallmark Channel.

    OF TWO MINDS  (TV Movie).  Digital Imaging Technician and 2nd unit Cinematographer. 
    EP: Frank Konigsberg.  Prod: Kyle Clark.  Dir: Jim O’Hanlon.  DP: Ousama “Ossi” Rawi.  Starring Kristin Davis, Tammy Blanchard, Louise Fletcher.  FKPS Company and SC Pictures Unit 26 Inc.  Lifetime Television.

    BLING RING. (TV Movie).  Digital Imaging Technician and CAMERA OPERATOR 
    Dir: Michael Lembeck.  DP: Ousama “Ossi” Rawi. Dick Clark Productions.  Lifetime Television.

    WILLIAM AND KATE  (TV Movie).  Digital Imaging Technician and 2nd unit Cinematographer.
    EP: Frank Konigsberg. DIR: Mark Rosman.  Starring Camilla Luddington and Nico Evers-Swindell as Kate Middleton and Prince William.  FKPS Company. Silver Screen Pictures Inc.  Lifetime Television.

    UNTOUCHABLE, THE DREW PETERSON STORY (TV Movie).  Digital Imaging Technician and 2nd unit Cinematographer. EP: Judith Verno.  Dir: Co-EP:  Mikael Salomon.  Starring Rob Lowe & Kaley Cuoco. Sony Pictures Television.  Silver Screen Pictures Inc. Lifetime Television

    SMOOCH  (TV Movie).  Cinematographer for VFX  photography
    EP: Brenda Friend, Co-EP: Kyle Clark.  Dir: Ron Oliver. DP:  Kees Van Ostrum. Starring Kellie Martin and Simon Kassianides.  Silver Screen Pictures, Inc.  Hallmark Channel.

    CRAIGSLIST KILLER. (TV Movie).  Digital Imaging Technician and 2nd unit Cinematographer.  
    Dir: Steven Kay. DP: Jamie Barber. EP: Judith Verno. Prod: Kyle Clark.  Starring Jake McDorman and Agnes Bruckner.  Sony Pictures Television. Lifetime Television

    LIES IN PLAIN SIGHT (TV Movie).   Digital Imaging Technician.
    EP: Frank Konigsberg.  Dir: Patricia Cardoso.  DP: Jim Denault. Lifetime Television.

    AMISH GRACE. (TV Movie).  Digital Imaging Technician
    EP: Larry A. Thompson.  Prod: Kyle Clark.  Dir: Gregg Champion. DP: Ross Berryman.  Starring Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Tammy Blanchard.